Silver Gardens Daylilies had a humble beginning as a small garden in downtown Greenfield, MA, a move to Glenbrook Gardens in 1991 allowed for a rapid expansion of the day lily varieties. Working together, the shared space allowed for workshops, group tours and delightful festivals.

In 2010, a new home for Silver Gardens was established with the purchase of a residence and 15 acres in a rural area of Greenfield. Land was cleared in a forested area and new gardens created. Trails were snaked throughout the woods for walking, snowshoeing and nature exploring. A small pond for wild life, and many areas for quiet sylvan meditation were created. There was even a substantial brook for summer dipping.

By 2014, Silver Gardens had completed its move. It was christened "Pickety Park," taking its name from its address at 23 Pickett Lane. In July of 2015, The Day Lily and Arts Festival made its new debut with thousands of blooming day lilies and multiple arts and crafts booths.

With over 1200 unique day lily varieties (and growing!), the annual Day Lily and Arts Festival in July is an event not be missed, as a sea of color erupts simultaneously. Choose your favorite varieties and populate your own home with the magic of day lilies. Hardy perennials that need little care, they are the perfect choice for gardeners that want low maintenance, but beautiful perennial displays.

Silver Gardens hosts the Day Lily and Arts Festival in mid-July, or is open by appointment. Call us at 413-772-6997 or email at to get on the Silver Garden's email list or to arrange a visit.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing the Enchanted Garden.

Happy Gardening